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    Stay Safe, Drive-Thru Flu Shots this year!
    Hazy on September 22nd
    MSC on September 29th
    Hirshhorn walk through on October 6th

    To sign up, email Jenna at jonesjel@si.edu.

    Flu shots are more crucial than ever this year! Keep yourself healthy with OHS by being vaccinated. Especially if you are considered at high-risk for COVID-19 or are working with the public. All employees, affiliated staff, contractors and official volunteers are strongly encouraged to get their free flu shot. Smithsonian is providing 2 ways to get your flu shot this year. We will be hosting several Drive-Thru-Flu events, the first 2 on the calendar will be at Udvar Hazy and MSC. Driving through is one of the safer ways to keep your COVID-19 risk low. The second way is to call 3-WELL and make an appointment at one of our open clinics. Please arrive to your appointment with a short sleeve shirt and wearing your face covering over your mouth and nose. You can expect safe and sanitary conditions no matter which method you choose.

    Pins for Years of Service Available

    The coveted pins are available for those who reached a milestone year of volunteer service in calendar year 2019 (ex. 5, 10, 15 years etc). Contact Jenna Jones at jonesjel@si.edu if you would like your pin to be mailed or delivered - socially distanced and masked, of course. Thank you for volunteering!

    Condolences to the family and friends of Sheila Pinsker, who volunteered for 42 years with Smithsonian Associates. She fought cancer last year and died in December. Unfortunately there were not memorial service plans before Covid came in March. If you'd like to send her husband, Bob a card, get in touch with Jenna.

    Condolences to the family and friends of Marvin Wagner, who was an Event Rep with Associates from 2014 until 2019. Sadly he contracted Covid and died in June. He was 90 years old. Contact Jenna if you would like to send a card to his wife.

    Badge Renewals: All expired Smithsonian Associates Volunteer Badges will be renewed next year, once we have returned to regular operations at the Ripley Center. Badges will be renewed for active volunteers who are continuing to volunteer.

    Access to Udvar-Hazy: As in the past those who have SI IDs enter the right-hand doors (clearly marked STAFF ENTRANCE). Security inside logs your ID coming in, and asks you stop to let them add your departure time to the log when you leave - similar to off-hours logging at Smithsonian facilities in the past.
    Parking for staff is the same as in the past: (1) Pull a parking ticket when you enter. (2) When exiting use attended lane 1 or 2. Hand the parking ticket to the attendant while displaying your SI photo ID. The attendant will acknowledge your status and open the gate for you. The Staff & Volunteers can park for free, and for the public the parking rate has been reduced from $15 in the past to $10 now.
    Please note the only thing open is the exhibits. All ancillary services are closed.