All Smithsonian badged volunteers are encouraged to get a free flu shot at the Ripley Quad. For individuals 65 years and older, OHS will have available the Fluzone High‐Dose as recommended by the CDC. Pregnant women of all stages are eligible – however, they should check with their doctor prior to receiving the shot. Please note that family members of Smithsonian employees are not eligible to participate. The remaining dates and times are as follows:
    10/23 @ NZP from 10am-2pm in Health Unit RDC AND @ NPM from 11am-1pm in the Blount Room.
    10/24 @ NASM – Mall from 9am-11am in Health Unit Room P709 AND @ NMAH from 9am-2pm in Health Unit Room 1270
    10/29 @ NMAAHC from 10am-2pm in Health Unit, Suite 3050
    11/15 @ Ripley QUAD from 9am-3pm
  • Benefits of an SI ID Badge

    While it is true that the parking perk ended due to major museum renovations at both NASM and NMNH, there are all these other benefits of volunteering with the Smithsonian. Which ones do you appreciate?
  • Spooky Movie Festival - Discounted Tickets

    Join Smithsonian Theaters for some scary good films this October during our Halloween Film Festival at the Warner Bros. Theater at NMAH. Modern-day scares paired with classic boos are sure to have you jumping out of your seat!
  • Curious about how the Smithsonian stacks up, statistics wise?

    Read up on all kinds of wonky pieces of information on our new and improved Public Metrics Dashboard, which uses a combination of narrative, images, and graphics to display core metrics for the Smithsonian's major functions and programs. The numbers here tell the story of the Smithsonian's amazing scope and reach - and as volunteers YOU are part of that "reach" to our public and our program audiences!